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For anyone interested in my Warcraft OC she has an in character ask blog on Tumblr! :)
The Nightmare

The sound of swirling water filled her mind. A familiar sound, but today it was different. An ominous hum filled the air, the sound of powerful magic. Adzaira rose from her bed, placing her feet on the cold stone floor. A chill went up her spine.
She made her way onto the balcony, peering over the golden rails. The Well of Eternity was below, it’s strong waters swirling violently. Multiple mages stood at its edges, sending strong arcane forces into its depths. Only recently had the mages begun their experimentation with the waters, and she couldn’t say she was used to it yet. What they were doing? She didn’t know, but her father assured her there was nothing to worry about.
She saw him, standing at the head of the group. His tall frame towered over the others, proud head held high. A smile reached her lips as she watched him command the force. Xavius….
With a startled gasp, Addylyn woke, panting as she opened her eyes. Her father still haunted her dreams, it would seem… Guilt riddled pain tore through her chest, if only she could have stopped him, he’d be here with her. She ran a hand through her hair, avoiding her horns as she did. She has to right his wrongs, and free him from his curse.
The Nightmare
Just a small bit on Addylyn, my warcraft OC.
Dimicity Itasuki by Deidara3377
Dimicity Itasuki
This is Dimicity Itasuki, my Naruto OC. The art is by Laceeanna, or queen-sakura-haruno on tumblr, please go check her out!
Character Opinions Dimicity Itasuki

Team 7

Uzumaki Naruto: Before the beginning of the series, Dimicity felt a strong but unspoken connection with Naruto. She would continue to observe the young ninja, up until their multiple meetings after her joining the Akatsuki. Dimicity holds great respect for Naruto, especially after the 4th Shinobi World War.

Haruno Sakura: Dimicity did not know Sakura well before leaving Konoha, but she had heard about her time in the academy from other jounin, and the Third Hokage. After Sakura defeated Sasori with help from Chiyo, Dimicity greatly respected Sakura as a kunoichi, for being able to take down one of their own. This respect would only increase during the 4th Shinobi World War, as she sees Sakura becoming a Tsunade 2.0.

Uchiha Sasuke: When she was young, Dimicity had a very close relationship with her cousin, but after the Uchiha massacre Sasuke became resentful and distant. Over the years their relationship would constantly be tested, especially around the time of Deidara and Itachi’s deaths. Despite all that has happened between them, Sasuke is very precious to Dimicity, and she will do anything to protect her family.

Sai: Dimicity did not meet Sai until the 4th Shinobi World War. At first she was hesitant to trust him, due to his former affiliation with Danzo, with whom she was familiar with due to Orochimaru. This mistrust was quickly changed as she saw the trust Naruto, and even Kakashi placed in him.

Yamato: During her years as a jounin in Konoha, Dimicity had many run-ins with Yamato through her friendship with Kakashi. Though they were never considered friends, Dimicity held great respect for him, and they were always friendly towards each other.

Team 8

Inuzuka Kiba: Dimicity and Kiba had multiple interactions during her time in Konoha, due to him being a member of one of the most important clans in the city. They had a joking relationship, especially surrounding their dogs, Akamaru, and Sendo, who hailed from Iwagakure’s equivalent of the Inuzuka Clan, the Ookami Clan.

Hyuuga Hinata: Dimicity only knew Hinata on a formal level, but as an outgoing person, would constantly become frustrated with the shy girl, and encourage her to open up. Outside of mutual respect for each other due to family, Dimicity did not have many connections with Hinata.

Aburame Shino: Outside of knowledge from the other jounin, Dimicity did not have a relationship with Shino, thought she does share a birthday with him.

Team 10

Nara Shikamaru: As a member of the Nara Clan, Shikamaru was well respected by Dimicity. She admired his intelligence, but would constantly tease him about his lazy attitude. She would continue this form of relationship with him through all their encounters, and admired him for taking down her rival, Hidan, in single combat, thought envious she did not get to do it herself.

Akimichi Choji: Dimicity would meet Choji through his father, and since then has been found of him. She found him a comic relief, especially when compared to his friend Shikamaru.

Yamanaka Ino: During their first meeting, Dimicity did not like Ino, due to her obsessive behaviour over her cousin, Sasuke. This opinion on her would change, as she matured into a strong kunoichi. Dimicity would always acknowledge that she would not have been surprised if she had turned out like Ino, if her childhood had differed, due to their similar personalities.

Sand Siblings

Gaara: Dimicity felt a strong connection with Gaara, and admired him greatly. Even though she had not been shunned by her village due to Kira, she knew how it felt to be feared in the way Gaara was. During her days in the Akatsuki, he was the first of the Jinchuriki that she was involved with the extraction of. This was very hard on Dimicity, and she continued to struggle with all the other Jinchuriki to follow.

Kankuro: The first time Dimicity met Kankuro was during the Rescue of the Kazekage Arc. She would join Deidara and Sasori in teasing him due to his lack of skill in puppetry compared to Sasori. During the 4th War, Dimicity became very bitter toward Kankuro, due to his use of Sasori’s old body as a new puppet of his.

Temari: Dimicity only met Temari once during the 4th War, but respected her as a fellow kunoichi.

Team Gai

Rock Lee: As a friend of Guys, Dimicity was very intrigued by the students that were to be on his team, Rock Lee in particular. This was due to their completely opposite fighting styles. Dimicity enjoyed watching Lee train, as well as his bright personality.

Hyuuga Neji: Possibly due to her being a main branch family member in her own clan, Neji and Dimicity would always have an awkward relationship. Though not disliking each other, they would never quiet get along, but would respect each other as fellow shinobi regardless. Dimicity was saddened at the news of Neji’s death.

TenTen: Dimicity holds great respect for TenTen as a weapons user, and like Lee, enjoyed to watch her train when she was young. Dimicity would later get to spare against all of Team Guy, during the Rescue the Kazekage Arc via the barrier on the cave, which created duplicates of each member, using Dimicitys chakra. She was most impressed by TenTen's improvement since she had left the village.

Ebisu's Group

Konohamaru: Dimicity only met Konohamaru when he was a young child, and so she did not have much of a relationship with him. She would hear of his efforts during Pein’s attack on Konoha, and be very impressed by his advancement.

Udon: Dimicity never meets Udon.

Moegi: Dimicity never meets Moegi.


Hatake Kakashi: Dimicity had a very close relationship with Kakashi during her time in Konoha. She greatly respected him, and enjoyed his company, even though they were complete opposites. She constantly convinced him to help her train, and was very proud when he decided to begin teaching. After her leaving Konoha, Dimicity struggled to face Kakashi with her decision to join the organization, especially after the capture of Gaara. She would continue to be very fond of him, even when they were on opposing sides.

Sarutobi Asuma: Dimicity held great respect for Asuma, though she was not very close to him, she was angered with Hidan for killing him as a sacrifice.

Umino Iruka: Being only a few years younger than Iruka, Dimicity easily sparked a relationship with him. She considered him a good friend while in Konoha.

Yuuhi Kurenai: Dimicity did not have many interactions with Kurenai, but respected her as a fellow kunoichi.

Might Gai: While in Konoha, Dimicity enjoyed Gai’s over the top personality, and would constantly join him in his antics to get Kakashi’s attention/embarrass, much to Kakashi’s displeasure. Dimicity often trained her taijutsu skills with Gai, and greatly admired his strength in battle.

Ebisu: Dimicity did not interact with Ebisu during her time in Konoha.


Morino Ibiki: Dimicity respected Ibiki as a ninja, but was often nervous around him due to his tough personality.

Mitarashi Anko: Anko and Dimicity would become very good friends during Dimicity’s time in Konoha. They had very like personalities, and would often bond over making fun of their former sensei, Orochimaru.

Gekkou Hayate: No interaction with.

Shiranui Genma: No interaction with.

The Three Legendary Sannin

Jiraiya: Dimicity never got to meet Jiraiya in person, but heard many stories about him, from her father, who had fought against the Legendary Sannin during the Third Shinobi World War. She respected him as a ninja, but made a goal never to meet him in person due to her similar appearance to Tsunade.

Orochimaru: Orochimaru was Dimicity’s former sensei as a child, and this would to a constant respect for him, no matter what. She did, however, associate him with her Father and her past, which she resented. She did not agree with his ethics, especially once they involved Sasuke.

Tsunade: Dimicity was often compared to Tsunade, especially once she was in Konoha. This led to Dimicity having a great admiration for the kunoichi, being a big fan of her. She was not disappointed when she met Tsunade during the 4th War, and continued to respect her even more then she had previously.

The Kage

Third Hokage: While in Konoha, Dimicity spent a lot of time with the Third, especially regarding her Father. She held a deep trust in him, and admired him greatly. She was deeply saddened to learn of his death.

Third Tsuchikage: When Dimicity was young, she would spend many days in Lord Onoki’s office with her father for meetings. She greatly admired him, and looked up to him as the leader of her village. She constantly teased him that someday she would take his position as Tsuchikage, including the hat.  

Other Random People (like assistants or other students)

Shizune: No relationship with.

Matsuri: No relationship with.

Chiyo (Sasori's grandmother): Dimicity only knew about Chiyo through what Sasori, and her father had told her. She decided she was a strong and admirable woman, and was sad to hear of her death.



Leader/Pein: Dimicity did not often see Pein, since he rarely socialized with the rest of the organization. She respected him greatly as their leader, and was greatly shocked and upset to hear of his death.

Konan: Though also not commonly with the rest of the organization, Dimicity greatly enjoyed Konan’s company, seeing as how they were the only two woman in the organization. The two were good friends, and Dimicity took her death very hard.  

Sasori: Dimicity’s relationship to Sasori was very important to her. She greatly admired him and his work, and enjoyed his company at the base. She would often join in with Deidara, however, to irritate him about art and other topics.

Deidara: During their time in Iwagakure, Deidara and Dimicity were best friends. She was heartbroken when he fled the village, and took some time to forgive him once she joined the Akatsuki. Once forgiven, however, their friendship turned into romance. Deidara is the most important person in Dimicity’s life, and she is very protective of him. Their bond was strong enough for her to turn on Sasuke, her own family, after Deidara’s death. Dimicity was devastated at his death, and was further angered when Kabuto reincarnated him.

Hidan: Due to their conflicting religions, Dimicity and Hidan's had been rivals since a young age. When they both joined the Akatsuki, it was their first interaction outside of the God World. Dimicity did however, enjoy Hidan for his sense of humour and lack of filter.

Kakuzu: Dimicity greatly admired Kakuzu, and was very sure not to anger him, as she felt he could easily beat her in a fight. She was his temporary partner until the arrival of Hidan to the organization, creating a unique relationship between the two. She was very sad to hear word of his death.

Uchiha Itachi: Cousins, and friends since childhood, Dimicity has always been very close with Itachi. She struggled to believe it was him who committed the Uchiha massacre, and continued to greatly trust him even after the fact. Though she was aware of his health decline, and intention to allow Sasuke to kill him, she would mourn for a long time for her cousin.

Hoshigaki Kisame: Dimicity had a very good friendship with Kisame, as they were both very outgoing, and jokesters. They developed a quick friendship through Itachi, that would continue until they were the last two members of the organization. His death was very impactful on Dimicity, and she admired him for his dedication and skills.

Tobi: Constantly suspicious of Tobi, Dimicity did not enjoy his presence. Her and Deidara showed similar feelings toward him during his time in the Akatsuki. She was enraged when Tobi managed to return home after Deidara’s death, only furthering her suspicions. She was greatly shocked to learn of his true identity, and was very vengeful towards him during the war. This anger would draw her to join the allied forces and fight to defeat him.  

Zetsu: As the Akatsuki spy, Dimicity did not see Zetsu very often, but when she did, she was very uncomfortable by his presence. During the War she was very shocked to learn of his true allegiance.

Uchiha Madara: Dimicity fought against Madara during the War. Though she held admiration for him as a great ninja, she disliked his ideals and vision for the world. Dimicity was one of many to fall under Madara’s genjutsu, seeing a world where her mother was alive, her father and her were close, and Deidara was back with her again. She would greatly resent him after being broken free, for being toyed with by his powers.
Dimicity Itasuki Canon Relationships
These are my OC Dimicity Itasuki's relationships with a majority of the canon characters within the series.


Deidara3377's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I've completely cleared up this profile, and am starting fresh. This profile will be dedicated to my OC's (mainly from Naruto/Dimicity Itasuki). I may continue my writing in the future, but not to sure.

I had bought two swords from this store for my 'Slay Belle Katarina' Cosplay from League of Legends. She was very nice and pleasant to talk to. It took months to get these swords, and when they arrived they looked alright. I layed them on my table with the rest of my cosplay props. The problem? She covered the plywood frame of the blades in sculpey. This led to the blades becoming very heavy, and literally snapping off the handles before I even got to use them. We decided to just use this as a template to make my own. As I take these weapons apart, I have realised how poorly made they are. I am incredibly unimpressed by the results, and frustrated that I payed $75 dollars for templates. I really do not like undermining her shop, but I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

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